We offer a range of services to help restore your kitchen.  It will brighten up your home or apartment and give it a clean, new appearance.  We can completely refinish an entire area or repair individual spots or cracks.

Services include:

  1. Kitchen Tile Wall & Floor Repair and Refinishing
  2. Cabinet Refinishing
  3. Countertop Refinishing

List of Stone Colors:

Countertop Refinishing – Don’t Replace, Refinish!

Countertop refinishing is a process of repairing and restoring an existing kitchen counter or bathroom vanity to extend its functional life, without replacement. The process involves the application of a very hard and durable acrylic coating to the existing counter. Countertop refinishing works equally well on kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, laminate breakfast bars, and even cultured marble sink vanities.

Countertop Refinishing – Is refinishing more affordable than replacement?

Countertop refinishing is almost always more affordable than replacing old and worn countertops, and especially custom countertops or large counters with curves and unique angles. Countertop refinishing will typically save homeowners 30% to 50% over total replacement costs.

Countertop Refinishing – What are the advantages?

The biggest advantage of countertop refinishing is 50% or more savings over replacement. Equally important is avoiding the demolition mess associated with countertop replacement and the days waiting for the new countertop installation. A refinished countertop can usually be returned to light duty within 24 – 36 hours. You’ll have the kitchen you want in days, not weeks