At Ascension Services, we are guided by a simple philosophy: provide quality bathtub repair and refinishing services to our customers in a prompt and professional manner. We have developed and refined our process to be the finest available anywhere.

Avoid the expense and inconvenience of replacing your old or scratched bathtub, sink or tile wall. Reglaze it instead. It will look like new and save you a lot of money.

Ascension Services can repair or restore all of your bathroom fixtures by resurfacing any or all types of tubs, vanities or tile in your bathroom. We are the experts at refinishing. If you have chippings, stains, discoloring, wear and tear, or just want a restoration, Ascension Services is your answer.

 Services include:

• Bathtub Refinishing

• Tile Wall & Floor Repair & Refinishing

• Sink Reglaze

• Vanity Reglaze

• Chip Repair, Scratches, Stain Removal

• Glazes are non-toxic

• Fast Results (4 hour or 24 hour)

• Competitive Pricing

We look forward to helping you bring back your

bathroom to the way it was meant to be.